Charity Trip to Berlin for the “Free Iran” Conference June 29 – June 30

For many years, Iranians abroad, who refuse to accept the tyranny of the existing regime, have been trying to resist it by organizing numerous actions, campaigns, and conferences. Their main goal is to enlighten the world about the blatant human rights violations by the dictatorial regime and to highlight that it poses a threat not only to its own people but to the entire world. Unfortunately, the regime’s influence extends beyond Iran, spreading to Ukraine and the Middle East, leading to large-scale conflicts and humanitarian crises. Therefore, the fight for human rights in Iran has turned into a global movement.

Human rights are universal, regardless of race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or geographic location. It is our moral duty as humans not to turn a blind eye to their violations. The open event in Berlin on June 29 is not just a gathering – it is a declaration of our unwavering support for human rights, the promotion of democracy in Iran, and sincere solidarity with the people of Ukraine, who have suffered greatly from Iran’s actions. This meeting, organized by the Iranian diaspora, brings together hundreds of social and political activists from over 60 countries.

The Polish-Ukrainian Foundation “MAIDAN” once again partners in organizing the participation of our compatriots in the event to provide an opportunity to openly express our position on the international stage. By joining us in Berlin on June 29, you strengthen our appeal to society for truth and equality, paving the way for a fairer, more compassionate world. This is not just an invitation to solidarity, but a commitment to the global human rights movement.

Travel Details: Saturday, 29.06.24:

  • Bus trip
  • Arrival in Berlin
  • Participation in the event
  • Saturday evening: rest at the hotel

Sunday, 30.06.24:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Free day in Berlin
  • Sunday evening: return to the departure city

Cost of the trip from Poland: €35 (or 150 złoty, or 1600 hryvnias) per person, except for children under 5 years old, provided the child does not require an individual seat on the bus and a bed in the hotel.

The cost includes: transportation to/from Berlin, hotel accommodation with breakfast, participation in the conference. Note: Minor participants can only participate with an adult guardian, with no more than one child per guardian.

For those wishing to join from Ukraine, there is an option (for an additional fee) of organized budget travel by tourist bus from Kyiv to Przemyśl, with a transfer, and back – through Przemyśl to Kyiv.

To register, please follow the link:

Registration Form “Free Iran” 2024

Payment is accepted to the following bank accounts:

  • PLN: PL75 1600 1462 1800 6255 4000 0001 (150 złoty)
  • EUR: PL48 1600 1462 1800 6255 4000 0002 (35 euros)

Payment recipient: FUNDACJA MAIDAN Payment reference: FreeIran, name and surname (in Latin letters as in the passport), and the participant’s date of birth SWIFT (BIC) Code: PPABPLPK

Please note that registration and payment must be completed by May 31, 2024! This will allow us to form groups for buses and hotels during the stay in Berlin.