Charitable trip to Paris for the “Free Iran” conference 30.06 at 16:00 – 3.07.

For several years, the Free Iran initiative has been organizing conferences in various European capitals, which are broadcasted worldwide. These large-scale events aim to demonstrate support for the people of Iran in defending their rights and to weaken the anti-people position of the Iranian government. This year, the conference in Paris will specifically address the situation in Ukraine, which also suffers from the actions of the official Iranian authorities openly supporting Russian aggression. Therefore, our Polish-Ukrainian Foundation “MAIDAN” is gathering a Ukrainian group for the trip, which will be a powerful integration event and allow us to openly express our position on the international stage, as well as provide an opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe.

Travel details:

  • Friday, 30.06.2023: Departure by buses from Krakow.
  • Saturday, 01.07.2023: Arrival in Paris and participation in the “Free Iran” conference.
  • Saturday night: Rest in a hostel.
  • Sunday, 02.07.2023: Breakfast in the hostel and a free day in Paris.
  • Sunday evening: Return home.   
  • Monday, 03.07.2023: Arrival in Krakow.

Cost breakdown – round-trip transportation on a comfortable bus, accommodation, and breakfast in a hostel (rooms for 4-5 people): Adult participant: 45 euros (or 220 zlotys) per person. Minors aged 12 to 18: 25 euros (or 120 zlotys) per person. Children under 12: free of charge.

Note: Children can participate only with an adult guardian, with no more than one child per guardian.

To register, please click on the following link:…/1FAIpQLSf8vXPAKCZ…/viewform…

Payments can be made to the following bank accounts:

PLN PL75 1600 1462 1800 6255 4000 0001 (220 or 120 PLN)

EUR PL48 1600 1462 1800 6255 4000 0002 (45 or 25 EUR)


Payment reference: for FreeIran, first name and last name (in Latin letters as written in the passport), and participant’s date of birth.


Exclusive representative in the Lesser Voivodeship: Foundation “MAIDAN”

For more information about the conference and registration, please contact via email:

or phone numbers: +48500711699, +48518818798.