About us

Strong European Ukraine begins from you.

Right after the Revolution of Dignity sprouted, volunteers of our foundation were on the Independence Square in Kyiv providing protesters with food and fuel and establishing a charitable educational project – the Maidan Open University. At the peak of the revolution, we arranged the supply of protective gear. Since the beginning of the war in Donbas, our foundation has helped to put wounded soldiers back on their feet. Starting from 2016, we have been actively participating in the cultural life of Ukrainians in Krakow.

From February 24, 2022 when Russia launched a full-scale war against Ukraine, we couldn’t stand aside and mobilised. Our crisis center provided humanitarian and consultation assistance. During these months, we have noticed that many people after the first shock were asking: “What next..?”. This is how the idea of ​​Ukrainian radio in Poland was born. Its purpose is to support our culture and to provide Ukrainians access to national news and means of integration into a new environment. Recently in Krakow, we established Radio KALINA to rebroadcast the program of public Radio Promin.

Our main goals are the development and deepening of Polish-Ukrainian relations, European integration and democratic Ukraine. We work to develop a legal, modern and humanistic Ukrainian society.

Charitable trip to Paris for the Free Iran conference 30.06.2023

For several years, the Free Iran initiative has been organizing conferences in various European capitals, which are broadcasted worldwide. These large-scale events aim to demonstrate support for the people of Iran in defending their rights and to weaken the anti-people position of the Iranian government. This year, the conference in Paris will specifically address the situation in Ukraine, which also suffers from the actions of the official Iranian authorities openly supporting Russian aggression. Therefore, our Polish-Ukrainian Foundation “MAIDAN” is gathering a Ukrainian group for the trip, which will be a powerful integration event and allow us to openly express our position on the international stage.

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